About Me – C. M. Harald


C. M. Harald is an author, teacher, historian and general nuisance (in the words of some) who lives on the Kent coast in England.


He loves that he can see the sea on the way to work every day and can occasionally make out France in the distance.  This is a comfortable distance for an Englishman to see France, something that some mistake by thinking that this means England is not in Europe.  With this geographical advantage, come other disadvantages.  Notably the lack of rainfall, relative to the standards of the rest of England, means that his garden dries out too quickly in the summer.

Having spent many years avoiding writing, instead throwing himself into his teaching and an online business selling wooden toys, he finally started to take writing a little more seriously from 2013.  He has written many short stories over the years, mostly for his own pleasure.  The genres span thrillers through to history and occasionally into sci-fi and horror.  You can find a list of his currently published works on Amazon.

Harald teaches several Humanities subjects, especially History, to high school pupils and has a bit of a habit of trying to make the learning experiential.  It is not unusual to turn up to a lesson to find Medieval food laid out on the table, or samples of the Four Humours being passed around the class.  However, his male Sixth Form students have drawn the line at full costume reenactments of the Rebecca Riots.

Any historical errors in his writing are either meant to be there, to make the story more interesting, or are the result of too much creativity and not enough research – or too much school marking and not enough time or brainpower left afterwards.  His historical specialism is Baltic history in the twentieth century, an interest that rarely touches on the curriculum.

He would like to think writers like Pratchett, Cornwall, Hackett, Clavell, McCullough, Herbert and Mieville, were an influence.  However, he knows that he’s a long way from their standard and any influence would be purely accidental or luck.

October 31st, 2015 by C. M. Harald