New Year Review

A Happy New Year to all my readers. It’s that time of year when everyone reflects back and plans for the future. I’ve not written one of these new year review posts before, but now seems as good a time as any to begin. The goal is not to plan New Year resolutions, but rather to outline realistic goals that can be achieved.

Review of 2018

So, 2018 was a year in which I was not able to focus much on my writing. What with moving house, to a small village on the edge of London, there were plenty of logistic demands. Not content with one major upheaval, I also got married, overseas. Then there was also a temporary promotion in my day job. So there was little time for writing.

I had intended to write approximately 100,000 words during 2018. However, once I took the promotion at work, it was clear this would not be attainable, as I had undertaken very little writing up to that point of the year, focused as I was on the many things going on. I therefore massively reduced my target in the summer, which I managed to achieve by the end of the year. This revised target was a mere 36,500 words. This was mainly achieved during August, November and December.

During 2018 I completed only one book, a sequel to the novel ‘The Butcher’s Funeral‘. This is provisionally titled ‘The Butcher’s Knife’. I first started working on this book in early 2017. I had a solid outline, but not enough space to concentrate on getting it written.

New Year Review 2019

I have a number of ambitious goals for 2019:

  • Completing 110,000 (I can say that I’m already on schedule having achieved my quota on the first day of the year)
  • Publishing ‘The Butcher’s Knife’
  • Complete book 5 of the Royal Zombie Corps series
  • Write books 6 and 7 of the Royal Zombie Corps series
  • Review, and complete a deeper grammar check, all completed books
  • Re-cover all my currently published books
  • Publish more blogs

The most challenging goal of my New Year Review is the increased writing quota. It’s a struggle to get the time to complete any really sustained written work as my job easily overflows from a sane 60-hour week. Even though I do have good holidays, it is mentally and emotionally draining, often hampering creativity. Yet, over the last two months I’ve re-established some good habits based on Chris Fox’s ‘5,000 Words Per Hour’ book. This has brought my writing back up to a better pace, without compromising my day job. I’m also thinking of trading in the car commute for bike and train, freeing up 60 minutes per day – although some of that will be taken by the needs of the day job.

So here’s to a great and productive New Year!

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