Royal Zombie Corps Series

Machine guns, tanks, gas and zombies. These were the weapons of the Great War. How could anyone survive?

Blood, Mud and Corpses (RZC 1)

During the maelstrom of World War, a new threat arises. In a war which has already killed millions, a conscript discovers some of the dead are no longer staying dead.

Tigers On The Western Front

The British have a new war winning weapon to break the deadlock of the trenches. The zombie knows no pain and inflicts terror on the enemy. The Allies pin their hopes on a great victory at Arras.

Gas! Gas! Gas!

Following the failure to break through the German lines at Arras, the British look for new ways to turn their fearsome Tigers into a weapon that can turn the tide of the war in the trenches.

Tigers At Cambrai

Their greatest challenge, so far, awaits the men of the Royal Zombie Corps at Cambrai. After a successful demonstration, the British plan to use the zombie tactics formulated by Alfie Marsh, alongside the other advances of the war. However, the enemy is determined to fight off this new horror of trench warfare, in an increasingly industrialised war.

Outbreak London

1918, London. The unthinkable has happened, zombies are loose in the city. Away from the trenches and assigned to a training unit, can the leading British zombie expert prevail?

Dead Handler

Amidst the chaos of the Great War, the Germans have a new weapon. The dead have no sides, the people who command them do.

Book 7, coming soon.