September Review 2020

September Review 2020

The September Review often shows a drop in word count and focus as I return to school after the summer and refocus my energy on my principal job.  This year follows that pattern.  However, with the current situation being different from the normal start of a school year, I’ve been much more tired than usual.  I’ve therefore spent a lot less time on writing than would be the case.

I have had two significant successes this month, with a very successful advertising campaign following up the successful launch of Dead Hander.

September Review – word counts

During September I wrote 4,353 words.  This is lower than originally intended, but as has been the case over the last few months, one reason is the increased focus on editing and proofreading.  I also spent two weeks commuting by car, which knocked out my usual writing slot on the train.  I’m back on the train again, which is incidentally empty, something which happened previously in the lead up to the March lockdown.

September Review – writing projects underway

· There are two first drafts queued in the editing pile.  These are waiting to become the primary editing focus.

· Most of my editing effort, which has been sporadic, has been focused on the ‘Long Journey’ short story I previously had on the website.  I’ve given it a tidy and have just to apply the last edits and give it a final read-through.  I did not get started on the edits for the last book in the Royal Zombie Corps series.

· The 1980s short story, set in the zombie universe, has made some progress this month.  This first draft is still a long way from completion.

· The third story in the Butcher’s Funeral series is part-written, but is still on hold.

September Review – other projects

The launch of Dead Handlers at the end of August has continued to increase interest in my books.  Likewise, a timely advertised one day offer on the first zombie book, Blood, Mud and Corpses, nearly hit a major milestone for me.

Publishing schedule

Having returned full time to school, I am still happy with my revised publishing schedule. I have left it unchanged for now.

· December 2020 – ‘The Sands of War’, book 7 of the Royal Zombie Corps series. The last book in the WWI sequence.

· Early 2021 – Butcher’s Funeral new cover and 2nd edition.

· Summer 2021 – Butcher’s Funeral book two titled ‘Butcher’s Fire’. 

October Plans

· Extend my writing focus as I become used to the ‘new normal’ of working in a school during an epidemic.  Fingers cross we make it to the half-term holiday without a lockdown affecting schools.

· Complete edits of the short story

· Begin the editing process for ‘The Sands of War’

· Finish the first draft of the 1980s zombie short

· Continue working on marketing efforts

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