Cover Reveal – The Sands of War

I am pleased to reveal the cover of the seventh book in the Royal Zombie Corps series, The Sands of War. As with all of my recent covers, this cover was made by the excellent Steve Bache and his team.

This last book in the World War I sequence of the Royal Zombie Corps is due for release during 2021. There is an obvious clue in this cover about a change in direction from the rest of the series. I was consciously thinking of the classic novel ‘The Riddle of the Sands’, by Erskine Childers, at various points. Other than to say I’m now working on the second draft, I will not yet be giving away anything more than that.

I hope you enjoy the full cover reveal below, and I’ll update the blog further when the editing is nearer completion.

Cover of book
Cover of the new book, The Sands of War

Artwork release – Tigers on the Western Front

Artwork release – Tigers on the Western Front

I’ve finally had the artwork made for ‘Tigers on the Western Front’.  Actually I’ve been sitting on the finished product for a week as the release date for the book has slipped.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been tied up by a rather strung-out, and convoluted, house move.  At the start of the month I also started at a new, and challenging, coastal school, so the day job is keeping me rather busy.

Back to the book then.  The final edits just need to be completed, the artwork needs uploading, and then the book will be live on Amazon for the whole world to read.  I’ve just got to fit that around marking 150 pupil’s exercise books this weekend.

Royal Zombie Corps, book 2 cover

Artwork – Reveal of the new full cover of Tigers no the Western Front, book 2 in the Royal Zombie Corps series.

I like this cover, by the same artist as who did the cover for Blood, Mud and Corpses.  This cover has a far more pulpy feel, which fits well with this type of story.  I’m looking forward getting the artwork done for the third book, ‘Gas! Gas! Gas!’ and also the, as yet unnamed, final book in this first sequence.  I’ve not yet come up with a name that I’m happy with for the final book, although I do have a couple of ideas.  Moving further afield, I’ve already got the second and third sequence of books roughly planned, probably a further eight stories of 25,000 words each.

So over the next few days, hoping to get the final edits finalised.  Stay tuned to this blog for the latest information.
Book synopsis

Tigers on the Western Front, as the second book in the series and picks up from the end of book one.  Marsh and his friends are getting to grips with the new weapon they stumbled upon.  The British have a new war winning weapon to break the deadlock of the trenches. The zombie knows no pain and inflicts terror on the enemy. The Allies pin their hopes on a great victory at Arras.